by David Backshell

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released March 17, 2015

All songs by David Backshell
Vocals: David Backshell & Alisha Neverson
Guitars: David Backshell
Violin & Synthesizer: Eva Sterk
Mixed and Mastered by Remy Perrin at Wavepulse Studios
Additional Arranging by Remy Perrin
Artwork by Chris Gostling of Momentum Visual



all rights reserved


David Backshell Toronto, Ontario

Born in Montreal, raised in England, settled for Toronto, David Backshell is a machine that turns coffee, cigarettes and long nights into songs. Distilling struggle, debts, a lost home, nameless faces, he constructs delicate songs that stretch beyond the confines of conventional pop. ... more

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Track Name: Iodine
Stick man is out on the night, chewing on his nerves with his iodine eyes
Shaking and he's drinking and she's trying to speak 'darling don't you know you're not the one I need'
So I cut out my tongue to keep my words inside, to stop me selling secrets to the other side
But every lie I tell always seems to come true and nothing I do ever seems to touch you

And all the things that call themselves me
They don't ever have no place to be

Because the devil never sleeps he's always talking to me
No the devil never sleeps he's always talking to me
Can't you see it's hurting me?
Can't you see it's breaking me?

And I split my lip I tried to turn out the light, but don't you know you got no place to hide?
Nothing in this world ever seems to stand still, even if I never take my eyes off of you
Feeling like a means to an end, the paranoid actor slipping out on the weekend
Out of my mind I'm tripping into the blue, one of these days she's going to say I'm through
Track Name: Rainmaker
I can smell the rain on the air tonight and I don't know where I'm going to hide
Because you treat me like a stranger after all this time and oh her kisses taste like light
I hear her footsteps echoing on the ground and I know that I am not alone

And no this rain it don't ever sleep
It's like a wheel turning me

And no I don't know if the end's going to set me free because it's like there's something broken, just rattling around in me

And through the leaves I tread looking for what's left of a place that I used to go
I have forgotten where I came from and I spin like dust in the wind
It's like all that was mine crept out into the night and left me empty handed
Track Name: Halfsleeper
Waking up to the sound of the rain, with the fall air on my breath
I know a girl with eyes like smoke and burn marks in her hair
And all the things that she says to me don't have no place to be
They fall apart like old summer days, beaten in the cold winter rain

And I don't know where the light goes when I'm out looking for you
Daydreamer, Halfsleeper where do you go?

Streetlights shiver in their shells and I'm walking home
Whispering through the trees, darling won't you come talk to me?
Punch drunk and I got a liars tongue and the girls always leave
And I can't seem to keep hold of anything that's ever given to me
Track Name: Wetwired
Got himself this broken mouth that bites the hand that feeds
Perfect stranger with dirty hands that's always got a need
Tied his heart up in knots and left it out among the leaves
Chewed his nerves up to threads and pulled them out through the seams

No you don't know me like the way I'm supposed to be
No it's like time don't ever want to change me and I just get older

Light sleeper got a head full of trouble that don't let me be
These dreams are as heavy as they seem and they weigh down on me
I'm kicking out the last of the lights to go out looking for you
And the parts of me that kick as scream and slowly bleed through